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320 Design Landmighty Overdrive Pedal

320 Design Landmighty Overdrive Pedal




COSMETIC CONDITION EXCELLENT - minor signs of use and gaffa tape on bottom


At TMA we really dig the 320 Design Landmighty. It's the first time we've had one to list and after demoing it we are incredibly impressed with the organic tone, wide array of overdrive sounds on tap and intuitive response to different guitar and amp combinations.

The Landmighty is the pedal that inspired the founding of 320design.

This is an extremely versatile overdrive in the TS vein (but infinitely more versatile) that can handle a wide range of overdrive sounds from super mild to hard rock.

You can linearly adjust the type of clip from a minimum diode, to a max of full thru mode) In the diode mode the overdrive becomes very fine as the volume goes down, but in the thru mode the signal does not clip so is close to the original sound, but can add gloss and saturation. The thru mode has less distortion and compressed sustain so it is perfect for blues players who place importance on the original sound and are looking for a booster. Since the two modes can be blended, you can find your "sweet spot". The best way to find it is to turn the knob between the two extremes.

A special feature of this pedal is the character knob, by turning this knob you can adjust the middle to low range giving the guitar a more lively sound, and enjoying tone changes from a traditional TS sound through to straight blues sounds (despite the illustration, the sounds do not actually sound like the animals on the character dial)

The exteriors are handpainted by traditional Maki-e crafstmanship, a Japanese lacquer technique which catches the light differently based on the angle from which it is viewed.

Built with carefully selected components and solder, and using a 320design original die cast aluminum case.

True Bypass. High brightness LED.
Controls are installed on the side to avoid being stepped on.
Takes a 9v DC adapter
Dimensions:W 124 × D 111.5 × H 70(mm) (includes knob & footswitch)

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