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Scott says;

“Sure, anyone can go to one of the numerous online classifieds sites, participate in an auction and buy a guitar, amplifier or effects pedal. But in my experience, and the feedback I get from my customers is, this is really ‘hit and miss’. Often the seller writes a really vague description or is unable to answer questions on the specifications to the prospective buyer. They are also often unwilling to interact with the customer verbally, personally or via video link - not necessarily because they have something to hide - but simply because they want to complete a transaction with the minimal amount of fuss. Almost always the item is sold ‘as is’ with no warranty or return policy too and is rarely inspected for faults, modifications or authenticity. So it’s always ‘buyer beware’.

Sellers also waste considerable time dealing with low ballers, time wasters, no shows or fraudulent internet trawlers...

Buyers are left to take a chance, purchase the item, wait for it to be delivered (don’t get me started on how sellers pack goods!) and HOPE their beloved new purchase lives up to the promise. Buyers also get ‘sucked in’ to the impulse an auction often creates ending up in a bidding war and potentially paying more than the item is worth. And whilst a lot of items arrive safe, and exactly as described, they will require a set up, minor repair or alteration before they are exactly as the buyer had envisaged. By this time there is often buyer remorse leaving the purchase to gather dust or simply be uploaded again for another person to ‘drool’ over.

Scott and the Tone Masters team prides themselves on ensuring every customer receives honest advice and quality, ready to use items each and EVERY transaction. That’s why every guitar, amp and pedal goes through rigorous quality control testing before being offered for sale. It’s also why every item is available for inspection (in person or via Skype) and comes confidently backed with a 3, 6 or 12 month warranty.

We even offer a ‘buyers remorse return program’ for 14 days (restocking and freight fees apply).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and becoming part of the Tone Masters community!

Scott & Team
Tone Masters Australia

Members Only Area

Tone Masters will have an exclusive members only area for repeat customers, retailers and bonafide collectors. In our members area you will be advised of new product arrivals, one of a kind collector items and receive bonus discount offers for participating in our online community through blogs, reviews of TM and prior purchases.

If you want to be part of our Members' Club, send an email to

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