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Blackout Effectors Musket - Super Versatile Fuzz Pedal

Blackout Effectors Musket - Super Versatile Fuzz Pedal


The Musket is a super versatile Fuzz pedal that is inspired by the legendary Big Muff.

In an A-B test we found the Musket more than capable of emulating a Big Muff - so why buy a Musket? Put simply, it covers a lot more ground sonically by adding 3 very effective additional controls (PRE, FOCUS and MID) that enable you to shape multiple fuzz tones in one pedal. It also takes up less pedal board space which certainly makes this a fuzz worth your consideration.

The Musket covers everything from vintage to modern fuzz tones, it also works very well as a boost/overdrive and is found in as many bass players rigs as it does guitar players due to the sonic range it's capable of delivering.


COSMETIC CONDITION - EXCELLENT (a few minor scratches on the base plate)



Here's what Blackout Effectors have to say about the Musket


Classic Blackout! A best selling, highly tweakable, highly fuzzed-up iteration of the vintage muff-type circuit. But why stop at 4 gain stages? 5 is clearly 1 better. The Muskets added controls over MIDS-shaping, PREamp control, and FOCUSing the sub-low end frequencies address all of the commonly discussed shortcomings of the old 3-knob fuzz.

With those additions, the Musket is able to traverse the decades, the continents, and the many versions of muffs along the way – from emulation to beyond. From Floyd-ian singing violin sustain to dreamy, grungy growl; the flexibility is all there at your fingertips.


PRE – a front end clean boost to slam the fuzz circuit for all kinds of new weirdness. The FUZZ control interacts with it to not only control the amount of fuzz but also sustain and compression.

MIDS – lets you control the tonal flavor of the Musket from super scooped up to mid-boosted and everything in between. The ability to adjust the MIDS brings a whole new world to the fuzz pedal and will make sure that you are never buried in the mix again.

FOCUS – this seemingly subtle control is at the heart of the Musket’s uniqueness. The FOCUS knob is a pre-fuzz sub-low end control that allows the Musket to not only produce vintage fuzz but to also get a more modern quasi-distortion/fuzz flavor with a sharper note attack and better palm muting capability than any other muff-type circuit that we know of.


  • 9V operation preferable, but safe up to 18V. Negative center supply with 2.1mm plug required; top-mounted.
  • Mono input/output jacks; side-mounted.
  • 10-15mA current draw
  • Preamp, Midrange, Focus, Gain, Volume, Tone Control
  • Not particularly sensitive to order placement in fx chain
  • Made by hand in Asheville, NC USA
  • True bypass switching
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