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Eko El Dorado Vintage 1970's 12 String Acoustic Guitar - Owned by Doc Neeson!

Eko El Dorado Vintage 1970's 12 String Acoustic Guitar - Owned by Doc Neeson!

SKU: EKOED121970s

Tone Masters Australia is proud to be offering a number of guitars from Doc Neeson's Personal Collection. 


This astounding guitar is an EKO El Dorado 12 string acoustic guitar from this famous European manufacturer.


EKO guitars were founded in 1959 in Castelfidardo by Oliviero Pigini and have gone on to be one of Italy's most renowned guitar manufacturers.


Whilst their guitars still appeal to musicians today it's their early guitars from the 60's and 70's that have become the most prized possessions of todays collectors, and it's not hard to hear/see why.


Before CNC machines and cookie cutter guitar manufacturing there were instruments handbuilt by talented luthiers across the Globe and EKO is one of Italy's finest. Just Google EKO, El Dorado's in particular, and you will find numerous posts from EKO collectors, a book dedicated to their build quality and iconic history and posts from people trying to acquire an early one.


This El Dorado dates from the 1970's but the exact year is hard to determine. Why? Because the guitar is circa 50yrs old and the printing on the decal has faded. Based on TMA's research and information provided from Doc's son this is likely an early to mid 1970's, around the time Doc travelled to Italy and purchased this guitar. This is LONG before the days of online stores and importing rare, handmade instruments from abroad and consistent with the heastock design.


There is also conjecture around exactly how many of these were made. EKO was making several 'lines' in the 1970's but all documentation suggests they made very few of the El Dorado, particularly the 12-string model, as it was their version of a modern 'custom shop' axe. It took some serious cash back then to acquire one and they were largely made to order. Safe to say... this is extremely RARE!


According to a newspaper article from the time period (included with the sale) the El Dorado would set you back 89 pounds, about $3,500 AUD in todays terms!!! 


The El Dorado 12 string features:


  • Individual all-metal gold finish machine heads (truss rod adjustment via the head - ala Gibson)
  • Ebony fingerboard with 21 frets
  • Mother of pearl inlays
  • Solid spruce top
  • Fully bound and contoured rosewood back and sides
  • Amazing combination neck
  • Multi-coloured inlay around the soundhole
  • Rosewood faced stratchplate
  • Adjustable rosewood bridge 
  • Handmade build quality
  • Vintage tone and appeal


For it's age this guitar shows minimal signs of wear, especially given it was owned by a prolific musician who likely played it excessively in the early days of the Moonshine Jug & String Band and The Keystone Angels (before they became The Angels)


After setting up and detailing this guitar it's easy to see why people rave about EKO guitars. It plays beautifully, sounds full and even and has the majestic quality you only really get from true vintage/custom shop instruments. It's a winner - and if it doesn't go quickly it could well become a guitar TMA keeps for our personal studio collection :-)


There are very few marks for a guitar of this age. The photos will give you a very accurate representation of the quality but don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like further info/photos. The most significant aging is on the headstock (visible in the photos), where the logo and mother of pearl inlays are faded. A sign of handmade workmanship to be honest...


Inspections are welcome by appointment and we will happily video demo the guitar for anyone who can't play it in person.


Tone Masters Australia ship domestically and internationally at very competitive rates through our logistics broker.


For more information just give TMA a call!

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