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Ernie Ball Musicman Silhouette 2001 HSH Hardtail - Upgraded pick ups

Ernie Ball Musicman Silhouette 2001 HSH Hardtail - Upgraded pick ups

A 2001 Ernie Ball Musicman Silhouette HSH Hardtail.We love Musicman guitars here at Tone Masters and this roadworn 2001 is no exception.On receiving this one we knew there was some work required to bring it back to it's former glory, but it was worth every hour!This guitar came to TMA with some repairs required. The previous owner had attempted to replace the nut and in doing so caused some minor damage to the headstock, just above the nut. We've seen it 100's of times before - so beware - nut replacements should be done by professional luthiers on high end guitars IMHO!On lesser quality instruments we honestly may have passed.. but after seeing the beautiful flame maple neck and potential... we just had to see it rock again -at its FULL potential.So, off to Luke Parry (a highly respected instrument restorer/repairer - check him out @ for some TLC. He has (almost) seamlessly repaired it (to the point you might not even notice for some time) and installed the correct spec bone nut.Back to TMA for an end-to end- set up before determining it's true playability....This EBMM has been upgraded with 3 (HSH) pickups from Haussel in Germany post inspection. Hard to determine exactly which ones (given their site is all in German) but regardless they sound super warm or equally 'bity' depending on how you engage the switch in conjunction with the treble pot. To our ears they sound better than many stock pickups we've heard on countless guitars and have a great resale value should you decide to change them out at some stage.NECK: Excellent (with the exception of 2 minute indentations on rear of 3rd fret.)barely noticeable. 95% fret life. Stunning quilted maple with maple fretboard. Neck is modern C shape with the Musicman truss rod wheel making adjustments super easy. Frets polished. New custom shaped bone nut installed.HEADSTOCK: (Now) Excellent. Professional repair completed just above nut. Not a mark we can see otherwise. Schaller locking tuners in perfect working order.BODY Front/Sides: Fair. There are a few marks (all visible in the photos). The side has 4 chips (again, visible in the photos) and a few minor dings that haven't penetrated the finish. Small (cosmetic only) crack adjacent to neck pocket and a couple fo small marks near input jack. White has 'yellowed' consistent with age/finish. Hardware polished, bridge in perfect working order.BODY Back: Excellent. No blemishes whatsover.ELECTRONICS: cleaned and tested. In perfect working order. 5 way switch (HSH configuration). Input jack adjusted, cleaned and tested. Volume & tone controls cleaned and tested. Switch working.If you're looking for a MINT guitar please check out our other listings. If however, you are looking for a guitar of amazing build quality, tone, rock solid tunability and don't mind a workhorse with a few battle scars this is an awesome guitar!For a guitar of this quality in MINT condition supplied in a proprietary Musicman case (in excellent condition), with upgraded pickups (and the rare tone switch) you'd likely pay somewhere in the high $2k range plus import tax and GST.So, if you don't mind roadworn and care more about playability than the cosmetic condition grab yourself a bargain!AT TONE MASTERS AUSTRALIA ALL OUR GUITARS ARE FULLY INSPECTED, TESTED, SET UP AND SHIPPED WITH A COMPLIMENTARY END TO END DETAIL. IT'S OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE!CONTACT US FOR THE BEST FULLY INSURED SHIPPING RATE TO YOUR LOCATION.TMA SHIPS INTERNATIONALLY, JUST CONTACT US.FOR MORE PHOTOS JUST VISIT OUR WEBSITE.TO INSPECT THE GUITAR JUST GET IN TOUCH!
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