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Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 50w Guitar Amp Head

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 50w Guitar Amp Head

The Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 50w head is one of the most unique Mesa amps we've ever come across. It is regularly found in recording studios and from pro 'backline' hire companies because of it's versatlility.

It's unique ability to produce, not only Mesa tones, but classic British overdrive and British or Amercian cleans certainly turned heads when it was first released - Why? Because it wasn't another Rectifier.. Some loved it, Mesa 'purists' not so much. But that's cool right, as it makes this amp different from other Mesa's. Just checkout Andy Timmons video on YouTube about how he used this to capture vintage Marshall tones, Fender cleans and also signature Mesa tones live from one amp - not 3 or 4.

They are difficult to come by (this is the only one in Australia currently) and that's because those that own one hold onto them.

This is also an Australian release, so doesn't require a voltage transformer - which will save you a few hundred dollars also.

If you're looking for the renowned boutique quality of a Mesa Boogie but after an amp that covers alot more ground sonically then the Ace 50 is worth your consideration.

Mesa 'purists' aside, this amp gets rave reviews from players seeking an amp that can produce endless tonal options and tweakability that will perform equally well in a reheasal or recording studio as it does live. The key is being someone that likes to 'tweak', because the tonal variations are immense and that isn't for everyone. Some guys just like to plug in, turn it up to 10 and play. Others prefer to have half a dozen different 'sweet spot's for different guitars, different songs. That's what a Stiletto is all about.

Here's the features;

Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
50 Watts, Class A/B Power / 2xEL-34, 5x12AX7, 1x5U4
Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance
2 Fully Independent Channels with 6 Modes
Channel 1 = Fat Clean, Tite Clean or Crunch (Cloning Channel 2),
Channel 2 = Crunch, Tite Gain or Fluid Drive
Channel Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking™ (Diode or Tube Tracking)
Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence & Master Controls per Channel
Bold/Spongy “Variac” Switch (Patent 5,091,700)
Output Level Control (over all channels when activated)
Footswitchable Solo Level Control – over all channels when activated
Fully Buffered FX Loop with Send Level Control (over all channels when activated)
True “Hard” Bypass Switch that removes FX Loop, Output Level & Solo Level Controls from signal path
Slave Out with Level Control
External Switching Jacks for Channels 1, 2 & Solo
Aluminum Chassis
2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2 & Solo)

This amp is in excellent working and cosmetic condition, used primarily as a studio amp.

Inspections/pick up most welcome. Simply contact us at TONE MASTERS AUSTRALIA to arrange a time.

TMA ships worldwide full insured and professionally packed. Please contact us for the most competitive shipping rate we can offer via our carriers.


    AU$2,300.00 Regular Price
    AU$1,995.00Sale Price
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