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Orange TH100H Head & Orange PPC412AD 4 x 12  Angled Cabinet

Orange TH100H Head & Orange PPC412AD 4 x 12 Angled Cabinet


Just In!!!


Both the amp and cabinet have been thoroughly inspected and tested and are in A1 condition and 100% working order.  There was nothing to do other than a quick clean and test as it looks like it's recently been serviced. Valves look new too.


The last few 240V version units we've landed haven't even made the website. And again, this is the only one we can find listed in Australia.


Delivering luscious cleans with masses of headroom, this 100 Watt head is the most powerful in the versatile TH Series.


Like the rest of the TH Series, the sheer range of tones that can be dialed in from just six controls is nothing short of jaw-dropping. The EL34 valve output section and extra power provides a different flavour to the TH30, with even greater low end and midrange muscle. The result is a truly ferocious Dirty channel which retains enough definition for intricate modern styles, ranging from Fusion to Metal. Those who hear it have drawn comparisons with the Orange AD140, a head considered by many to be one of the best lead amps ever made.


The Dirty channel features the same powerful Shape control first seen on the Thunderverb series, sweeping the midrange from scooped to boosted, it remains focussed, steeped in complex harmonic overtones even at maximum gain settings.


The Clean channel delivers sweet, crystalline cleans, right up to the point of breakup, but with more headroom over the TH30 on account of its beefier output section. For added flexibility, the TH100 switches down to 70, 50 or 30Watts and features our low impedance valve buffered effects loop.


There are a few minor scuffs on the cabinet and almost no marks whatsoever on the head.


If you're looking to buy a near new TH100H and PPC412AD at a great price, look no further!!


Tone Masters Australia can ship this item Australia Wide, just contact us for a competitive price through our freight broker.

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