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Psalmist ES335 - Made in VIC Australia - Gibson ES335 Style Guitar

Psalmist ES335 - Made in VIC Australia - Gibson ES335 Style Guitar


One from our old Pro Guitar Gear days.

This guitar was built in Victoria Australia and was purchased approximately 10yrs ago by PGG when we were seeking to source more locally made brands for distribution. We got a few prototypes in at the time and this was one of them.

It was made by an independent luthier whose aim was to launch his new Psalmist line building Aussie guitars to compete with the likes of Epiphone, Ibanez and other manufacturers making mid-priced 335 inspired guitars. As is often the case in Australia, costs quickly blew out making it near impossible to compete with the mass market as a small, local manufacturer. Therefore only a small amount of Psalmist guitars were made so you will be acquiring a rather unique instrument. A shame really, as we would have stocked these had it got off the ground.

This guitar is in good condition with minimal fret wear and only minor imperfections. There is a few minor imperfections in the finish around the heel of the neck, fading to the gold hardware, natural yellowing of the white binding (consistent with age) but other than that it’s a really tidy, well maintained guitar as you’d expect from a TMA listing.

The guitar has been tested and is in fine working order. Volume and tone controls roll on and off smoothly, the 3 way switch and input jack are also working without issue. The blue finish is also a rather unique colour and compliments the gold hardware and white binding very nicely.

The pick ups are mid gain consistent with most 335’s. The neck pick up is warm and sounds cool both clean and with crunch, the bridge pick up is higher gain with a bit more bark and bite common to 335 guitars. It also sounds rather nice acoustically should you also wish to noodle away on the couch watching some TV.

The neck is comfortable, slightly slimmer profile than a Gibson 335, so will suit those preferring a less ‘chunky’ neck taper. It’s also not as heavy, but that’s to be expected for a guitar in this price range.

We have given it a quick look over on the bench to check the intonation and playability and this is ready to plug in and play. If we had the time right now we’d probably replace with a bone nut and Gotoh or Grover tuners (and list it much higher in price ) but with shipments finally arriving from OS we simply don’t have the time.

This listing is sold with an as new, locking hard case with the keys still attached to the handle.

If you looking for a nice, mid-range ES335 style guitar to add to your collection this is a cool option and a BARGAIN at this price!!!


As with all our listings you are most welcome to come and inspect. Just give us a call!

M: 0408 289 384

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