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Rivera Knucklehead 100 watt Guitar Amp Head

Rivera Knucklehead 100 watt Guitar Amp Head

Paul Rivera is renowned for designing and building some of the most versatile amps on the market.

If your not already familiar with Rivera amps just check out the countless reviews about the quality, features and amazing tone these amps have to offer.

Rivera amps are hard to come by in Australia - especially without the need for a voltage transformer (110v-240v) - which will set you back at least a few hundred for a quality unit.

This amp has been tested and is in full working order. Cosmetic condition is also excellent with only a few minor scuffs in the tolex.

Here are the features of the Rivera Knucklhead 100:

High Gain input
This is a high-sensitivity input. If your guitar has hot pickups, then plugging into it makes it easy to overdrive the preamp section, creating harmonic distortion. Guitars equipped with low-output pickups seem hotter than usual when plugged into this input.

Low Gain input
This is a low-sensitivity input. Guitars plugged into it have more headroom before distortion sets in (meaning that you can crank up a channel’s volume a little louder before you experience preamp distortion). This is a good choice for a clean overall sound, and is especially well-suited to active pickups or guitars equipped with preamps.

2 Channels - voiced very differently.

Channel 1
Channel 1 is definitely geared toward creating impressive overdrive (think of a “British” tone). Grit, grunge, dirt—whatever you’re looking for in the distortion department is here, from sweet and singing to hard-driving or maximum sustain. It includes Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Master Volume (which also comes with a boost - that is foot-switchable via the FS-7 - INCLUDED). When you pull out the Boost switch on Channel 1, it adds a whole range of harmonics, and not just gain. This is easy to hear by playing a power chord and comparing its sound with the switch pushed in and pulled out. With the switch activated, the tone blooms, going from fat to ferocious.

Channel 2
is extremely flexible, with a flavor that brings to mind the great classic American tones and textures. You can get some pretty impressive lead overdrive distortion out of Channel 2, and as a rhythm channel it brings out every subtlety of your playing.

The range of tones can be anywhere from sparkling clean (even at high volume levels) through to that classic tube driven 'break up' reminscent of lower gain amps being pushed full tilt. It features Volume, Treble (with Bright switch), Middle (with Notch Filter), Bass and Master (with Ninja boost - also foot-swtichable which adds depth to your clean or bluesy tones). Super responsive to pick attack too making this one of the most vertsaile clean channels around.

It also features Master Focus and Presence controls for further tweaking.

This amp is powered by 4x EL34 and 2 x 12AX7 tubes (all in excellent working order and huge life left in them).

This is one super LOUD amp, yet it still sounds fantastic at lower volume levels. It also retains it's definition fully cranked. It's why we love selling them!

Another awesome feature is the send and return levels for the effects loop. It provides infinte possibilites when running this for both direct amp sounds and whiilst using outboard effects seamlessly.

Inspections/pick up most welcome. Simply contact us at TONE MASTERS AUSTRALIA to arrange a time.

TMA ships worldwide full insured and professionally packed. Please contact us for the most competitive shipping rate we can offer via our carriers.


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