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Boss Octaver OC-2 - Rare Vintage - Made in Japan July 1982

Boss Octaver OC-2 - Rare Vintage - Made in Japan July 1982

The serial number dates this Octaver (with the 'R' before the lawsuit and name change to Octave) to July 1982, making it one of the very first ever made and a truly vintage model of this iconic pedal.


Highly sought after the world over (and the only one currently available in Australia) this Japanese Boss OC-2 Octaver is in good cosmetic condition overall for its age and in perfect working order.


The OC-2 is a simple but effective octave unit that can produce two extra tones in addition to the original dry signal. The first is one octave below the original note and the second is two octaves below. The level of each octave's effect can be adjusted independently along with direct signal for 'wetter' or 'dryer' response via the third control knob.


The OC-2 has always been popular with both guitar and bass players and is notably used by Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme of MUSE among countless others.


For those who know the OC-2 the most effective effect is Oct 1 coupled with the Direct Level Control used primarily on single note riffs, runs and solos. Oct 2 is far subtler in how it responds but with the right mix can add a really cool second octave below under current.


My personal sweet spot is Oct 1 at 10-11 o'clock with Oct 2 at 8-9 o'clock with the level of direct signal variable depending on the pick up configuration and output of your guitar or bass. The effect works well with both clean and dirty tones but in my opinion maximum impact is achieved with overdrive/distortion and some light compression. It also works well with various modulation effects so there are plenty of options on tap with this iconic pedal.


This pedal works with both a 9V battery or 9V adapter (not supplied at part of this sale).


There is a heap of demos for both guitar and bass online if you're not familiar with OC-2.



  • Controls: Octave 1 Level (Oct 1), Octave 2 Level (Oct 2), Direct Level
  • Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw: 4 mA (DC 9V)
  • Weight: 400 g (15 oz.)


If you have any questions just hit us up!!






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