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Freakshow Effects Brown Rabbit Distortion Pedal - RAT on steroids!

Freakshow Effects Brown Rabbit Distortion Pedal - RAT on steroids!


If you haven't played a Brown Rabbit from Freakshow Effects.... then you likely still have your hearing!!!!

Inspired by the original Rat pedal the guys at Freakshow went all out to provide players with the tonal palette of a Rat and then get it hooked on steroids!!

This is not a pedal for the faint hearted!. Just ask Gear Man Dude, who commented the Brown Rabbit is one of the most rockin distortion pedals he's ever played!

If you love your distortion and want something with a huge array of tonal options then the Brown Rabbit might just be your next GAS attack!

Superb build quality, amazing features, classic distortion meets modern player.

The 3 way select switch is what really makes this pedal different from so many Rat inspired distortion pedals on the market. WE LOVE IT TOO!!

Nuff said!!!





Here is some additional info from Freakshow Effects;


Pretty straightforward here huh? Turning this knob counter-clockwise gives you less volume, turning the knob clockwise makes it scare your pets away.


Also a straightforward knob. Turning this knob counter-clockwise gives you less distortion, turning this knob clockwise gives you a full on rabid rat!


This knob adjusts the overall tonality of the pedal. Turning this knob to the left will give you morebass, turning the knob to the right will make the pedal

more trebly etc... pretty simple huh? Notice how effective it can be to tame that "icepick" guitar, or how you can use it to liven up that dull sounding guitar you

made out of balsa wood when you were 12.

The 3-way select switch

In between the volume and drive knobs is a little selector switch. This switch is used to select between different drive options the Brown Babbit may be equipped with.

From here on it gets technical...use caution!!!! In the left position (1) the pedal is using a NOS LM308 op-amp and an asymetrical diode clipping section. This diode configuration is one of what many of the latest wave of "boutique" overdrive pedals are using to get their sound.

In the center position the pedal is configured to use the NOS LM308 op-amp ONLY! There are no diodes being used here. Notice the difference in volume? We call this the "boost" mode, it will take you from boosted semiwarm tones to a light, loud, overdrive.

In the right position you have activated the L.E.D. clipping section of the pedal. In this position you are using the NOS LM 308 op-amp as well as the 2 L.E.D.'s that you can see on the top right of your pedal. Notice that they will light up and flicker as you play! The more drive you have dialed in combined with how hard you are playing will determine how bright they get. This mode gives you a nice thick fat distortion sound. It is our personal favorite!

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