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Maton Premier 5A - 1950's Vintage Hand Made Archtop Acoustic

Maton Premier 5A - 1950's Vintage Hand Made Archtop Acoustic

SKU: MP5A1950s

NOTE: Sale by Negotiation ONLY!!!


Maton Premier 5A Archtop - RARE & truly collectable!

You are looking at a true piece of Australian history!

Superb, hand built Maton craftsmanship and a one owner guitar.

This Maton Premier 5A is an iconic Archtop.

Maton Premier 5A is how these guitars were designated, even though the interior label simply states it as a PREMIER.

They were 100% hand made in the original Maton factory in the 1950’s. With only 400 ever made, and now roughly 70 years old, this is likely one of only a handful still in existence today.

The Premier 5A is a small-bodied archtop and is the predecessor to the Premier 45A, which was also an acoustic - but full sized.

Serial #409 dates this guitar from the early to mid-1950’s. It could be as early as 1951, but definitely no later than 1955.

This was my clients, Fathers’ guitar. He was in the Australian Air Force and travelled to Japan with this guitar, playing for the troops during his service. Since his passing it has sadly sat in its case for years, however, his Son and Daughter-in-law would like to see it find a new home with a collector or player who will get as much joy out of it as he did.

He was left handed, which you will likely notice from the positioning of the pick guard. It was however originally made as a right handed instrument, which is evident from the tiny screw holes (professionally filled) and the bridge set up. I have re-strung it accordingly during the set up/detailing process undertaken by Tone Masters Australia and I have left the pick guard as I received it.

A right handed pick guard can easily be re- installed and the holes professionally filled for a very modest amount by my recommended guitar restorer. Or you can simply organise yourself post purchase, unless you’re left handed of course!

In getting this guitar ready for sale it has been oiled, had the frets polished, chrome polished, bridge tested and aligned, tuners lubricated and cleaned and all parts checked. It is in great playing condition for an instrument of this age and tuning is stable. It has otherwise been left in the condition received for the new owner to set it up/restore it to their exact specifications.

He was obviously a fan of a capo - evident by the marks (and the primitive capo included) on the back of the neck. Even with these indents it still plays remarkably well and once I got into really playing it I kind of forgot they were there. Personally, I’d have this restored, but either way it’s a VERY playable guitar as is.

How does it sound? Stunning. It has quite a rich tone, depth beyond it’s size and to my ears a fantastic balance between bass and treble. It’s a loud acoustic, especially for the size, and sounds remarkable mic’ed up!

The condition otherwise is fantastic overall for its 70 years with no construction/ageing faults I could find.

What an amazing piece of history - if only guitars could talk and intrigue us with the tales of its 70yrs on this planet....

As a Maton collector myself with 20+ yrs selling vintage guitars, this is now the oldest guitar I’ve ever had the privilege of playing and selling.

If your a collector, a Maton admirer or simply a lover of rare acoustic guitars this is certainly an amazing guitar (or investment) to add to your collection.

If you’re reading this you likely know your guitars and what a piece of Australian history like this is worth.

Tone Masters Australia is welcoming offers and the first to make one above the reserve will be the lucky new owner.

I welcome any enquiries via phone or email.

For serious buyers, you are welcome to inspect the guitar and play it, post making an offer above reserve.


More photos? Just ask! We have a further 15 available - and we will happily take more from any angle you request.



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